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NEW: starting Spring 2016, the ECG-u 1 course will be offered in English. ECG-u was at MUHC on May 19th 2016 and at CAEP on June 3rd.

Physicians, residents, nurses and other health professional wishing to improve their emergency ECG knowledge are welcome to ECG-u. More than 650 physicians and PGY were already registered since 2014, and many nurses and paramedics.

Presented as an interactive workshop, ECG-u covers all facets of ECG interpretation in the emergency department: wide and narrow tachys, bradys and AV-blocks, PMP problems, metabolic disorders, ACS, STEMI, killers-ECG, etc. It allows the participant to develop a systematic vision of all problems commonly encountered in EM and intensive care environment.

This interactive workshop is built for a complete, systematic and synthetic interpretation of ED ECG’s, based on the best available data and organized in an original approach targeting the most significant clinical issues.

Developers and co-directors of the course, Drs. Alain Vadeboncoeur and Dominic Larose, have over 50 years of experience in EM and almost twenty-five years at the Montreal Heart Institute emergency department. They have reviewed and continue to incorporate the most recent data from EM and cardiology literature about ECGs.

The course is based entirely on original material, from an extensive bank of ECGs met in the ED of the Montreal Heart Institute. Almost all ECGs are original, presented in high definition and in full colour.

The focus is on the use of ECG in the emergency to address the key challenges faced by emergency physicians, hospitalists and intensivists . Participants receive 2 weeks before training a 50 ECG, covering 11 chapters discussed in the course . The day is then divided in those 11 interactive training blocks on all specific topics.

Education credits are available for 7:00 (Category I credits) continuous professional development.

You should not wait before increasing your knowledge of ECGs.

Alors coming in 2017 is ECG-u 2, about acute arrhythmia’s treatment.

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